+7 925-150-63-69
+7 925-150-63-69

Legal Service Legality, specializes in providing services in the field of migration

Our professionals have more than 20 years of experience in this field and have all the necessary knowledge and experience to solve all issues in the interests of the client.

Legal Service of migration, RussiaIs a licensee of the Federal Migration Service of Russia from 2000 to the present.

We provide reliable assistance in legal registration (through FMS) a temporary residence permit (RWP), a residence permit (permit) and Russian citizenship to obtain a passport for citizens of Russia and abroad.
Our customers can rely not only on the advice, but the actual care and comprehensive support to obtain the final result - citizenship and passports of the Russian Federation. Help in obtaining quota.

Assistance in legal registration (residence permit) in Russia, both temporal and permanent registration of the Notice of arrival for citizens of CIS countries and the extension of this notice.

Assistance in resolving any legal questions of entry and exit, residence and legalized in Russia in any difficult cases.
We provide assistance to refugees and persons in Russia without status, persons, lost or delayed documents, as well as those whose passports issued by the Russian Federation declared unfounded.

Provide services to assist in the legal registration (through FMS) work permits in Russia.

Foreigners are helping to design invitations and visas to Russia.

Is an official agreement on provision of services in accordance with applicable law, also provides the opportunity for personal presence of the client in the competent state bodies of Russia and other states in filing and obtaining the documents, which guarantees their legitimacy.

Please call : +7(925) 150-63-69

5 000 РУБЛЕЙ

Согласно ст. 27 Федерального закона N138-ФЗ " О гражданстве Фоссийской Федерации" полномочными органами, ведающими делами о гражданстве РФ являются: Президент РФ, Федеральный орган исполнительной власти в сфере внутренних дел и его территориальные органы, Федеральный орган исполнительной власти в сфере международных отношений и дипломатические представительства и консульские учреждения. Оформление производится только и исключительно компетентными государственными органами РФ в соответствии с имеющимися у Заявителя основаниями и при условии предъявления предусмотренных законом документов. Заявление по вопросам гражданства РФ подаётся заявителем лично. Основания отклонения заявления о приёме в гражданство РФ указаны в Статье 18 Федерального закона N138-ФЗ " О гражданстве Российской Федерации".

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